[zz]Perl Poem

On my SUSE Linux, no Chinese IME. Learning perl, and below is something interesting about it:



listen (please, please);

open yourself, wide;
join (you, me),
connect (us,together),

tell me.

do something if distressed;

@dawn, dance;
@evening, sing;
read (books,$poems,stories) until peaceful;
study if able;

write me if-you-please;

sort your feelings, reset goals, seek (friends, family, anyone);

do*not*die (like this)
if sin abounds;

keys (hidden), open (locks, doors), tell secrets;
do not, I-beg-you, close them, yet.

accept (yourself, changes),
bind (grief, despair);

require truth, goodness if-you-will, each moment;

select (always), length(of-days)

# listen (a perl poem)
# Sharon Hopkins
# rev. June 19, 1995

Perl as a programming language was not designed by a programmer but a linguist, its name"s the acronym of "Practical Extraction and Reporting Language". It"s quite different from C or C++ or Java or C# or most of "tranditional" programming language. I"ll say something about it and another interesting language, Python, when I got some experience with them.